Duffy (duffy_99) wrote,

Joe and David and Mad Manly Love

Disclaimer: I did not take notes and my memory is not what it used to be, so these little scraps are just to the best of my feeble recollection.

There was a question asked about John and Rodney's relationship. Basically the person said she had heard they were more than friends.** Joe and David didn't seem offended by this, mostly they just seemed amused. They just laughed. Joe said "do you all know about fanfic?" David corrected him "it's fan fiction". Joe said I thought fanfic was the ones that are homoerotic in nature". I can't really remember what came next, b/c I was getting really nervous that this was going to go to an awkward place. But a little later Joe very seriously shrugged and said (paraphrasing here): "I just figure we're done with our part, the characters are out there, they're not ours, you can do or think whatever you want to with the characters." Yay, Joe! My take on it was he's got a busy real life and it's just not something he would spend two seconds thinking about.

But he and David did have fun with it every once in awhile on stage. Joe said to David "the real romance was you and Beckett. I wasn't able to come between you and break you up." And then he made a determined little face and said "God knows I TRIED."

There was something else Joe said about Rodney saying "the wraith are coming, we're all going to die" and Sheppard saying "but you must sleep with me first". They seemed to think this was silly. (oh boys, you just go on thinking that!)

And then at some point there was something Joe said (in regards to making another SGA movie or series) about "hey, we've been cancelled; we can do whatever we want now". And David said in a deep voice "Mad Manly Love". (I assume a reference to Mad Men.)

**Almost nothing annoys me more than when fans bring up slash. This is supposed to be *our little secret*. I know all actors now know about it, but that's still no reason to shove it in their faces. It's embarassing and awkward. That being said, this time it was OK and funny. I can't really explain why but maybe because the person was not a native English-speaker and it came off as very innocent and naive and also a little vague "my friend tells me they were more than friends...". I don't know, I can't explain it, but it was pretty much ok. But my position on talking about slash in front of actors in general still hasn't changed.
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